• + Shipping
  • + Port operations; ship repair; shipping agency, shipbrokering and other maritime services
  • + Import - export of maritime materials, equipment and means of transport; manning supply for foreign and domestic organizations
  • + Restaurant and hotel operations
  • + Entertainment services
  • + Freight forwarding, wholesale and retail of goods; duty free shop operations; shipping supply services
  • + Import of raw materials and fuels for maritime sector
  • + House leasing for business purposes (kiosk, trading center)
  • + Multi-modal transport operations
  • + Freight forwarding, wholesale and retail of fuels
  • + Forwarding and transport of import and export cargo from border gates to warehouses
  • + Marine supply of bunkering, provisions and stores
  • + Clearance, infrastructure
  • + Warehousing and logistics services
  • + Labour export, oriented education and job training for workers to work oversea; Sale and purchase of goods in lawful foreign currencies for workers to work oversea
  • + Import of petroleum ; Transport of fuel; Fuel supplying and retailing agency operations
  • + Real estate and transportation infrastructure operations
  • cam kếtdịch vụ

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      Chất lượng dịch vụ cao

      Cung cấp cho khách hàng dịch vụ đại lý tàu cạnh tranh với độ tin cậy và chất lượng cao

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      Đem lại mức giá cạnh tranh và hợp lý nhất với mọi loại hình dịch vụ

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      Cam kết hoàn thành tốt thời gian quy định dựa trên phong các làm việc chuyên nghiệp

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      Đảm bảo quy trình thuận lợi, an toàn và đúng hẹn



  • + Road and inland waterway transport
  • + Construction, installation of facilities, equipment and finalization of specialized constructions
  • + Production, purchase and lease of equipment and means of transport, handling equipment; demolition of old means of transport and handling equipment
  • + Process of export goods
  • + Transport ancillary services
  • + Bonded warehouse operation, specialized information supply
  • + Tourism services
  • + Towage services and other inland waterway supporting services
  • + Transport of passengers by road
  • + Dredging by contracts
  • + Custom brokerage for import and export cargo on behalf of cargo owners
  • + Crew change transportation
  • + Import and export of construction materials;
  • + International and domestic tourism services; Travel agency services; Sale and purchase of alcohol and tobacco
  • + Shipping agency, international and domestic handling of over-length and over-weight cargo, ordinary cargo, machines and equipment, and container by means of water and road transport